by Justin Grady

Portland, OR, USA — Royal Canoe is on their North American tour until December 2016 and then onto Europe, maybe to see Garf.  I had the chance to see them in Portland tonight at Holocene.  Considering their alt-emo-masked kind of feel it was the perfect venue.

I arrived early, then late, to their performance.  The bouncer I spoke with before Holocene opened at 8:30pm stated Royal Canoe was starting at 11pm so I went to the bar down the street to have a beer and meet up with a couple friends.  I got back to Holocene at 10:45pm and their set was almost done!  I was irritated but made the best of it. Nevertheless I got in to see some great live work by Royal Canoe and got in some good photos.  Many local Portlanders were impressed, most of the had not heard of them before and yet the crowd was cheering for them at the end of their set.

Royal Canoe’s set was done for the night but Holocene was still hopping.  I notice there was another guy, David, waiting to talk with RC like I was in the corridor where the band was putting all their gear.  We struck up a conversation and it turns out he is from Vancouver!  He was just passing through Portland for the night on his way back to Vancouver from Vegas.  We got onto geeking out on Canadian Indie.

We got a chance to buy an LP and talk with the drummer of Royal Canoe for a bit.  It turns out David is a documentary filmmaker about touring Canadian Bands and has been following JPNSGRLS.  He was pretty amped to meet someone as into Canadian Indie as he was.  We even talked about how the CRTC works within Canada as to how much radio play Canadian artists get.

We got a chance to talk with RC more after they loaded up their trailer to hit the road to Seattle.  A great group of guys.  Here are a few band shots.