This week’s playlist is a Beer O’Clock theme. I hope you are rested up because it is a pretty high energy playlist full of rockin’ tunes.

There was a time period where a community of people formed around the Canadian Indie music and the blog for CBC Radio 3. Grant Lawrence, would have Beer O’Clock shows on Fridays and they were great. One summer when Grant was on holidays, members of the group took turns sharing our own Beer O’Clock playlists to fill the gap. Years later, there are many from that community that are still connected. One member, Donna, revived the Beer O’Clock for us over a month ago. Every Friday another member shares their Beer O’Clock playlist and we all listen together. It’s been fun connecting with the people and the music during these Covid Days. This is a very long variation of my Beer O’Clock playlist that I am now sharing with you. I will post the actual playlist later on today.

Everyone’s playlists are different with some common threads. They are generally up tempo songs and there are some old favourites from Beer O’Clock playlists of old. Some lean to more pop punk, some dance tunes, some ska, some bangers and in my case a lot of rock. Are you ready for it?

Cheers everybody!