May 10th is Mother’s Day so that is what our playlist is about this week. We start out in a City With No Children, Before the Children Came Along. Then we discover I am Going to Have a Child but some were Born Yesterday and Born into Bad Times, so we Welcome them into the world and declare we will do our Level Best for them. Happy Birthday, Baby, Baby of Mine. Such Babes In The Wood they are. We shall sing them some Lullabies and Rock (Me Now) to sleep. For You Are My Sunshine and It’s Alright, mother’s do it All For You my child. We shall Take Care of Each Other as some wonder Who Do We Care For? Well, even Bad Boys Need Love Too. For Love and Your Mother’s Sake just let her look after you because she just wants to be a Good Mother.

We will sing many songs for Mothers and Mamas. And the Children and Kids are thankful, as am I even though I’m Not A Kid Anymore. Some Kids just Don’t Get It. Hopefully you learn to be grateful for all they do for them and Call Your Mama and tell her…


Here is the link to the playlist, until I can get it to embed properly.

Take a listen to this track on YouTube as well. A friend told me about this album that came out in 2001 by Luther Wright & the Wrongs called Rebuild the Wall, a cover of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. He requested Mother for the playlist but it isn’t on Spotify. Fun version!