Running Red Lights – Salt

Our Basement, “Salt” was a song we did not see approaching. It was not the usual process of chiselling away at a block of granite with a pencil. The song fell out as fluid as [...]

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New releases for the week ending August 17th 2018

Dizzy - Baby Teeth Growing up in the suburbs is really fucking boring. Like, mind-crushingly dull. Suburban kids know the pain of spending the most fun and creative years of your life hunting for inspiration [...]

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Bones & Bridges – Go Figure

Hi Our Basement, Hope all is great on your end! Bones & Bridges formed in 2016 by way of a writing retreat in Nashville. Comprised of Anthony Arthur, Atom Martin, and TEE, we combine our [...]

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ASHS – More Than Friends

Our Basement, In an era of fake accounts, fake looks, and fake news, I prefer to deviate from the norm – avoiding the spotlight and letting my music speak for itself. “More Than Friends” is [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar Aug/2018

It's Release Radar playlist time! And not just one playlist but two playlists again this month! Along with our usual Spotify Release Radar playlist, there is a YouTube new video release playlist as well. The [...]

New releases for the week ending August 10th 2018

Cursed Arrows - Rebirth Rebirth by Cursed Arrows Those who know the band may be scratching their heads wondering about this trio mentioned being more au fait with the duo – of Jackie and Ryan [...]

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Falcon Jane – Ginger Ale

Hey Our Basement, On the day that I wrote “Ginger Ale,” I was sweaty, unemployed, broke, and in love. I was living in downtown Toronto during a heatwave, but was escaping the city whenever I [...]

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Baby Jey – Someday My Space Cowboy Will Come

What’s up, Our Basement! Baby Jey was founded by two singer-songwriters – myself (Jeremy Witten) and Dean Kheroufi. For our forthcoming new record, Someday Cowboy, we threw Montreal producer Mitch Holtby into the mix. His [...]

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Johnny Payne – Lazy Love

Hello Our Basement: Craving an escape from the endless parade of yoga mats and craft beer culture that defines my native Vancouver, I accepted the invitation of Pat Riley and Alaina Moore (of indie heavyweights [...]

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Mike Edel – Go With You

Our Basement, In a season of both personal and social thresholds and change, I wanted to create an optimistic indie-pop anthem for 2018’s dwindling days of summer and beyond. I began working with producer Chris [...]

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