Sex Machine Octopus – I Know

Hey Our Basement, “I Know” is the second single off of our upcoming full-length, Plastic Scenes. It was first written in when we were in high school making it one of our oldest in fact. [...]

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New releases for the week ending October 18th 2019

Mike Murley - Taking Flight (indie) Basement Revolver - Wax and Digital EP Wax and Digital EP by Basement Revolver Blaine Sharp - Wanderlust (indie) Common Holly - When I say to you Black Lightning [...]

New releases for the week ending October 11th 2019

André Ethier - Croak In The Weeds (Telephone Explosion Records) Blue Hawaii - Open Reduction Internal Fixation (Arbutus) Open Reduction Internal Fixation by Blue Hawaii Catherine MacLellan - Coyote (indie) Devon Welsh - True Love [...]

Laura Reznek – You Are Bad

Our Basement, I wrote “You Are Bad” to try to understand an intense and toxic conflict that took a long time to recover from. I was feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt when I [...]

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Most People – Need a Little More

Hey Our Basement, “Need a Little More,” the second single from our upcoming album, Call Me Up (out October 25th), is an exploration of unrequited love. Our frontman, Brandon Gibson-DeGroote, sings with David Ocean [...]

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Miesha & The Spanks – The Girls Are O.K.

Hey Our Basement, We’re very excited to share our first new single since our 2018 release Girls Girls Girls! Girls Girls Girls was a wild ride. It saw us across Canada and overseas to the [...]

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New releases for the week ending October 4th 2019

Apollo Ghosts - Living Memory Living Memory by Apollo Ghosts This sounds nothing live the jangly, punk-leaning rock Apollo Ghosts are usually known for; instead, it hews closer to the album Teacher released under the [...]

Benji – I Won’t Die For You

Hey Our Basement, While speaking out on mental health issues or addiction has become a “trendy” topic as of late, it sadly feels like a lot of us are becoming indifferent to the idea of [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar Sept/2019

Yay it’s Playlist Friday! Release Radar for September is our playlist this week. Release Radar playlists let you know what is new each month in the Canadian Indie world. There was lots going on in [...]

New releases for the week ending September 27th 2019

Gilliam, Hall, Sorbara - Counter-stasis - Refracted Voices Counterstasis - Refracted Voices by Gilliam, Hall, Sorbara Harlequin Gold - Baby Blue Neil Little - S/T (indie) Neil Little by Neil Little Ruben Young - Dreamstate [...]