New releases for the week ending April 26th 2019

Danko Jones - A Rock Supreme No nonsense Rock n’ Roll may not be the flavour of the month but Canadian trio Danko Jones, with twenty-three years under their belts, have got it down to [...]

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8 Random Questions with … The Fame

Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself? Hi Everyone, we are The Fame from Toronto, Canada. We are an indie rock band. We consist of Brandon (singer/guitar), Yu (guitar), Andrew (bass), Rodrigo (drums). Q2, Did [...]

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New releases for the week ending April 19th 2019

Heart Attack Kids - Bad Luck Like Gold (New Damage Records) Joey Landreth - Hindsight (Cadence) Joey Landreth hasn't stood still the last half decade. The Bros. Landreth's debut received a Juno, a previous solo [...]

Anna Wiebe – Fortune

Hi Our Basement, “Fortune” is about trying to break free of a cycle; about growing up and the feelings of frustration that come with that process. This is the first single I’m sharing off of [...]

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New releases for the week ending April 12th 2019

Al Lerman - Northern Bayou (indie) Bleu Nuit - Le jardin des mémoires (Michel Records) Le Jardin Des Mémoires by Bleu Nuit Broken Social Scene - Let’s Try The After,Vol 2 (Arts & Crafts) On [...]

New releases for the week ending April 5th 2019

Moon King - Voice of Lovers (Arbutus Records) Throughout the album, each track flows easily from one to the next, creating a dance-floor-esque transition between songs. While this is an interesting method of making an [...]

Field Guide – Full Time

Hi Our Basement, In my opinion, songs are the 2am version of how you’re feeling. Full Time was born in the midst of a lot of life changes; I had just moved, my relationship was [...]

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Justin Wright – Modular Winter

Hello Our Basement, My newest single, “Modular Winter,” began as an experiment with different approaches to composing. The idea was to have a set of short, repeating patterns that could be arranged in any order [...]

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New releases for the week ending March 29th 2019

Devin Townsend - EMPATH (HevyDevy Records) Opening the album is Castaway, an atmospheric and sedate number, using the sound of waves and seagulls along with a slow and relaxing electrical guitar solo prior to the [...]

Maybelleen – Emily

Hey Our Basement! Moving to Toronto from our hometown of Montreal last summer inspired and challenged us. We wanted to create something to immortalize this milestone, so we shot and compiled what is now the [...]

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