Dante Matas – Everything Nearly Fell Apart Completely

Hey Our Basement, I started work on A Colourful Headache immediately after the release of my previous EP, Midnight Sun. I was feeling frustrated – even though I liked the EP, I felt as if [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar April/2018

It's time for another Release Radar playlist! Our playlist this week is all about new songs on our radar this month. Spotify has their Release Radar playlists and we have an OurBasement Release Radar playlist. [...]

New releases for the week ending April 20th 2018

Dennis Ellsworth - Things Change When deciding to call his new album Things Change, Dennis Ellsworth took it as a personal directive. After making four fine—but criminally underappreciated—albums that straddled the line between alt-country and [...]

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Marchildon – Sweet Potato Kisses

Hi Our Basement, For the past 13 years, I’ve been hovering silently in the subconscious of the Toronto music scene. Writing, recording and performing country-tinged rock n’ roll songs as often as I can muster. [...]

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Deux Trois – Late Night Girls

Our Basement: Sad, late-night masturbation has a home in the seedy underbelly of pop culture - but even though it comes hand in hand (lol) with hook-up culture, distracting yourself from FOMO, and (let’s be [...]

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New releases for the week ending April 13th 2018

Jaunt - Cue When we spoke to Toronto-based experimental pop band Jaunt at the start of the year, they seemed poised for a big 2018. So far, so good: they played Exclaim! and Ticketfly's Class [...]

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Makk Mikkael – How It Feels

Hi, Our Basement! Hope the day is going great! My new single, “How It Feels,” portrays different layers of angst and emotion. I wrote it during my time in LA while I was dealing with [...]

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New releases for the week ending April 6th 2018 (Exclaim! edition)

Hey Ocean - The Hurt Of Happiness On their latest release, The Hurt of Happiness, Hey Ocean! are in search of middle ground. From the dance-y synth-pop of "Mama Said" to the cinematic "Just Enough" [...]

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Feel Alright – Cool Water

Hey Our Basement, Over the years, Feel Alright has evolved into a collaborative live project who called both Montreal and Pittsburgh home before eventually settling in Calgary. We’ve dabbled with folks from around the globe [...]

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New City – Getting Closer

Our Basement! We live in a playlist culture. For listeners today, musical genres and divisions are breaking down, and songs live or die on their own merits – no longer dependant on which category they’re [...]

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