We Were Sharks – Shameless

Our Basement, "Shameless" is an in-depth look at how this generation seeks instant gratification, willing to do anything for a quick 'like' to sell their souls for 15 minutes of fame. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2t8atDQNr8 Be sure to [...]

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X62 – Hopelessly Hoping

Hello Our Basement, Think of that thrilling and terrifying period of time when you’ve fallen for someone, but don't yet know if they feel the same. Our new single, "Hopelessly Hoping," is about those nights [...]

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Kandle – Lock and Load

Our Basement, After discovering that we were musical soulmates, my producer, Michael Rendall, and I began sending voice notes to each other from our respective homes in London and Vancouver. We share a deep love [...]

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Ronley Teper – New Love

Hello Our Basement, In a world of uncertainty and chaos and an overall general sense of loneliness, the possibility of companionship that comes with new love – be it romantic or any type of connection [...]

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New releases for the week ending November 13th 2020

Beyries - Encounter (Bonsound) Encounter by BEYRIES Chilly Gonzales - A Very Chilly Christmas Dizzy - Basement Covers EP (Royal Mountain Records and Communion Records) Ekelle - Hood Pop Hood Pop by Ekelle Gaspard Eden [...]

Speed Control – Headlights

Hi Our Basement, "Headlights" is one to crank in the car, driving down the highway. In the Yukon, you can always see people coming, headlights on. Sometimes one is burnt out, but everyone is still [...]

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Sam Lapro – Take My Heart

Our Basement, "Take My Heart" is about feeling so deeply for someone but not knowing how to tell them and questioning whether they feel the same. This is a page from my diary where I [...]

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Emi Jeen – The Other Side (EP)

Hey Our Basement, I've experienced bullying and have let a lot of people control me in the past, which led me to struggle with building self confidence. I wouldn't argue with anyone and do everything [...]

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New releases for the week ending November 6th 2020

Andrea Rankin - Tides Tides by Andrea Rankin Christo Graham - Turnin’ (We Are Busy Bodies) Turnin' by Christo Graham Dan Fortin - The Latest Tech (Elastic Recordings) The Latest Tech by Dan Fortin // [...]

Actors – Love U More

Hello Our Basement, We have spent the last two years on the road touring behind our debut album, It Will Come To You. Our new song, "Love U More," first came to life as we [...]

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