Band of Rascals – Holler

Created with lights, smoke bombs, and powdered dye in an abandoned power plant on Vancouver Island, and leaving the bands equipment covered with the stuff ever since. But, as you can see in the visually [...]

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Blood and Glass – Hop the Fence

Through his black and white lens, Kaveh Nabatian directs this ravishing number. He follows the band’s frontwoman, Lisa Moore, alongside six dancers as they move gracefully and hide behind their hand-held fans. Exquisitely glamorous? Not [...]

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grej – i​/​variations (part 3)

grej is the solo project and performing pseudonym of Greg Harrison, a Toronto-based percussionist and composer specialising in classical minimalism and electronic music whose resume includes performing with the likes of Cirque Du Soleil, Video [...]

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Rodney Decroo – Like Jacob When He Felt The Angel’s Touch

Last Thursday saw acclaimed Vancouver singer/songwriter, poet and playwright Rodney DeCroo release a new video for the song "Like Jacob When He Felt The Angel's Touch" directed by Eden Munro in Edmonton. The song is [...]

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