New releases for the week ending December 1st 2017

LUKA - What Kind of Animal What Kind of Animal by LUKA What Kind of Animal, the latest from Toronto's LUKA, comes with a suggestion from the mind behind it all, Luke Kuplowsky: "The record [...]

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Adrian Underhill – Weather & CU Again

Hi Our Basement : It’s been a busy week! First I shared my new video for the ‘CU Again’ at The 405 and then I released my new single ‘Weather’. You can listen to the [...]

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ICYMI for Tuesday 28th November 2017

Warner Music Canada's Half-Century History Now Online The half-century of Warner Music Canada is now available for viewing online. The massive project falls into three distinct categories. First, is a history of the Canadian artists [...]

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How Did I Miss That? The Perm – Miracle

For the first edition of "How Did I Miss That?" we go all the way back to Tuesday the 7th of November to look at Miracle by The Perm. After returning from a tour of [...]

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Playlist Friday: Ladies of 2017

By Mariposa Bressey What to do when you hear sounds that you like?  Well I like to make sure that I don't lose track of them and I also like to share them. This grouping [...]

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New releases for the week ending November 24th 2017

Cadence Calling - Dark Sentiment Death metal bands can easily sometimes sound pretty damn generic and/or similar, so I usually try to look for bands that are able to make something their own, or at [...]

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CHANCES – Rishikesh

Hey Our Basement, We are thrilled to release our newest single “Rishikesh” - you can stream and share on Soundcloud. We love this song and feel it has a certain power to it. It's about [...]

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ICYMI for Tuesday 21st November 2017

Canadian Indie Music Icons Are Turning to Theatre Members of Broken Social Scene and Billy Talent are producing plays in hopes of connecting to a less-smartphone connected audience. (Vice) London's inaugural Music Career Day explores [...]

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Featurette – Upside Down

Upside Down is intended to be an ode to the decline of the modern world and its values how they were punctuated by the US Presidential election, and the fallout thereafter. "Everything is so backward [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar Nov/2017

The playlist this week is full of new tracks that have come out in the past month. Fall seems to be a busy time for new music from our Canadian artists. Some of my favourite [...]