Playlist Friday: Happy Canada Day!

It is double playlist week again. Canada Day is on this Sunday so I had to bring out the Canada playlist again with a couple new tracks added. It has over five hours of very [...]

New releases for the week ending June 29th 2018

Baby Cages - Bitter Melon bitter melon by BABY CAGES That was the only release I could find this week, but if you know of anything else please let me know in the comments below.

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Rozie – Lil Longer

Hey Our Basement, My name is Rozie and I’m an independent singer/songwriter from Vancouver, BC. In the last year, I’ve been developing a new project and working with producer Waspy (of Dirty Radio). This collaboration [...]

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Unbloom – I Followed

Our Basement, After the release of “Chances,” my last single, I was absolutely stunned by the number of people that empathized with the pain that I felt and how they could relate to my feeling [...]

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Not Of – Astoria Jack

Our Basement: A funny thing happened while we were working on Hypocritic Oath, our sophomore record, out July 20 via No List Records. In the post-release amphetamine rush of our 2015 debut, Pique, a flurry [...]

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Playlist Friday: National Indigenous Peoples Day

"June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day. This is a day for all Canadians to recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. The Canadian [...]

New releases for the week ending June 22nd 2018

Isla Craig - The Becoming "Who am I? I would like to know," Isla Craig, flanked by a powerhouse quartet of backing vocalists Daniela Gesundheit (Snowblink) Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station), Ivy Mairi and Felicity [...]

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Ocean Potion – In The Grass

Hey, Our Basement: Ocean Potion. That’s the name of this band. We – Mike O’Brien and Jason Haberman – began to write and record together following a joyous tour with our respective bands, Zeus and [...]

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Royal Oak – Tell Me (Pretend)

Straight from the suburbs of Vancouver (Port Coquitlam, to be precise) indie rockers Royal Oak are excited to announce the release of their new EP Pretend on July 20th. Royal Oak will celebrate the new [...]

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Rob Dickson – Water Rushing In

Hey Our Basement, I’ve always thought a lot about how my experiences and memories colour my view of the world, and how they establish predispositions and biases. A lot of people never acknowledge how coloured [...]

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