Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar July/2020

The OurBasement playlist this week is the Release Radar for July/2020 and is full of all the new music Canadian artists have been creating. We have a Spotify Release Radar playlist, a condensed Spotify Release [...]

New releases for the week ending July 31st 2020

Carol Welsman - Dance With Me (Justin Time) Dizzy - The Sun and Her Scorch Land of Talk - Indistinct Conversations (Dine Alone Records) Indistinct Conversations by Land of Talk Mike Shabb - Life is [...]

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8 Random Questions With… Elyse Saunders

Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself? Oh hi! My name is Elyse Saunders, I'm a country artist, I have so much fun jumping around on stage and I really love writing songs and then [...]

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8 Random Questions With… Aimee-Jo Benoit

Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself? My name is Aimee-Jo Benoit, I am a vocalist, collaborator, and mother from Calgary, Alberta. I have been working as a Jazz musician for nearly 20 years, and [...]

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Speaker Face – Phosphorescence

Hello Our Basement, "Phosphorescence" is a complicated love song for the west coast of Canada: British Columbia. We feel so welcomed by the land and connected to the nature where Trent grew up, but recognize [...]

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Playlist Friday: Canadian Indie Summer

We are playing Canadian Indie songs for summer this week for Playlist Friday. Summer began June 20, so we are in the middle of it now. This year is a very strange one and I [...]

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New releases for the week ending July 24th 2020

DJ Agile - We're Never Done Hello Moth – When The Sky Melted When the Sky Melted by Hello Moth Jessy Lanza - All The Time (Hyperdub) All The Time by Jessy Lanza Monica Lee [...]

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Jenny Banai – Gold

Hi Our Basement, The first lyrics of my latest single, "Gold," are I'm returning. What does it mean to return? In one ancient context, it means to repent. To repent also means to change direction. [...]

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Jimi – Say It To Me

Our Basement, With the writing of my debut single, “Say It To Me,” things fell into place, capturing those feelings and sounds of love, of uncertainty, of taking that chance, of caring for someone. Jimi [...]

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The Honest Heart Collective – Linework

Hey Our Basement, It's strange watching my circle of friends start to do more grown up things like buying houses, getting married, and having kids. We used to dream together with those friends about being [...]

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