A Canadian Indie Halloween Playlist Story

By Darlene Barss Happy Hallowe’en to all. On this Halloween day, I am going to tell you a frightful tale. It may or may not make sense and it may or may not be scary, [...]

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JPNSGRLS swing through Bend, play Volcanic Theater Pub

JUST GOOD SHIT. AT VOLCANIC THEATRE PUB IN BEND, OREGON by Justin Grady Bend, Oregon USA -- JPNSGRLS on their way back up from California played, and rocked, the Volcanic Theater Pub in [...]

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Vinyl releases for Friday 28th October 2016

(according to Amazon.ca) Colored Sands by Gorguts 2013 album from the Canadian Technical Death Metal band. Few extreme bands have the pedigree of Gorguts. From their early days as part of Death Metal's first wave [...]

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Duotang – nostalgia ain’t what it used to be

Duotang have released their first full-length album "New Occupation" since 2001. Seeing how Calgary was the birthplace of the band’s breakup (during an argument turned fist fight over a food order), it stands to reason [...]

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Enter The Haggis – Broken Arms

Craig Downie was born in Scotland and raised in Canada. He started playing bagpipes when he joined a pipe band at 12 years old. After pursuing an acting career in the early 1990s, Downie formed [...]

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Monday October 24th 2016

Hello, we don't have a post today so here are some music news headlines we could talk about (or not) along with a big playlist containing all of the Canadian albums from last weeks !earshot [...]

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Music of Manitoba

by Darlene Barss Manitoba has a rich and vibrant music community that the rest of us get to benefit from. There is some wonderful music coming out of this province and we have a playlist [...]

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Stabby Organs “Danger, Cliff!”

Stabby Organs is just the latest nom de plume of Cliff Curtis who has been making music for the last thirteen years, with two albums "Out Of Character" and "Paradigm Shift" as Curtis C and [...]

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Jake Vance takes second chance on his career

Jake Vance was ready to hang up his guitar for good until he received the affirmation he needed to keep going when he was nominated for the 2016 Canadian Folk Music Award for Young Performer [...]

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Teaching Through The Tragically Hip’s Canadian Stories Inspires Deep and Relevant Learning

Vicky Walker has loved The Tragically Hip since she first heard the band play at London’s Western University during Frosh Week 25 years ago. But it wasn’t until she learned singer Gord Downie had been [...]

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