New releases for the week ending November 1st 2019

Coco Love Alcorn - Rebirth (indie) Cartel Madras - Age of the Goonda (Sub Pop) Age of the Goonda by Cartel Madras Chocolat - Jazz Engagé Jazz engagé by CHOCOLAT Counterparts - Nothing Left To [...]

Colin Wylie – Can’t Stop the Havelots

Hi Our Basement, My new single, “Can’t Stop the Havelots,” from my self-titled debut album, is a reaction to modern society and late capitalism. It is a plea for greater understanding of one another [...]

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Maccie – Dungeon

Hey Our Basement, “Dungeon,” written with Dead Romance, is based on my experience with an ex-lover/master. It was intoxicating and dangerous, lustful and uninhibited, all consuming and entirely toxic. “Dungeon” is about acknowledging your own [...]

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8 Random Questions With… Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself? Hello there! My name is Rose Cora Perry and I'm the singer, songwriter and guitarist for award-winning Canadian rock band, The Truth Untold. Q2, Are you happier [...]

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Playlist Friday: Canadian Indie Halloween

Halloween is coming. It's not until next Thursday so we have a week to prepare and to listen to the Canadian Indie Halloween playlist. The playlist began back on the old CBC R3 site when [...]

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New releases for the week ending October 25th 2019

Bruce Cockburn - Crowing Ignites (True North Records) Jessica Rhaye - Just Like A Woman - Songs of Bob Dylan (indie) Just Like a Woman - Songs of Bob Dylan by Jessica Rhaye and the [...]

L.A. Foster – Cruel Love

Our Basement, “Cruel Love,” the first single from my upcoming EP, All My Lost Chances Are Beautiful (out Nov 8th), was inspired by falling in love with somebody in an impossible situation. Someone who wasn’t [...]

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Scenic Route To Alaska – Give a Little

Hi Our Basement, “Give a Little” is about the tension in society today. Those moments where you turn on the news and it’s never about anything good. It’s about taking a deeper look to [...]

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Sex Machine Octopus – I Know

Hey Our Basement, “I Know” is the second single off of our upcoming full-length, Plastic Scenes. It was first written in when we were in high school making it one of our oldest in fact. [...]

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Playlist Friday: Halifax Pop Explosion 2019

Music festival season isn't quite over yet! This week's playlist is featuring Canadian artists that will be playing at Halifax Pop Explosion this year. It's another festival I would love to go to some day. [...]