Grand Analog unveils new video

By Regina Sienra Grand Analog’s new video is a love letter to Toronto. To be more specific, it is a shout out to the colourful and always bubbling neighbourhood of Kensington Market. It features “Love [...]

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The Smugglers will be back for one night

By Regina Sienra The Smugglers, the legendary rock band from Vancouver, will be reunited for one night and one night only. Grant Lawrence, singer and CBC host, had previously announced that the band would be [...]

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Kashka ventures to read – and sing! – the comments

Kat Burns, aka Kashka, just gave us hope in the world: Maybe you should read the comments! Actually, you can even sing them and make a very cute and very long song out of them. This [...]

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Roots and Blues Festival, 08.19-21.16

By Jeremy Luc Hachey The 24th edition of Roots and Blues Festival has come to pass. This celebration took place in the idyllic setting of Salmon Arm, British Columbia on the weekend of August 19th [...]

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The Weekend Word Weave – Covers

Many songs are not truly appreciate until someone else takes it on and makes it their own with the newer version often shining a light on the original’s hidden depths. Or it could be that [...]

Dwayne Gretzky’s Nick Rose unveils 80s-inspired side project

By Tiffany Leeson and Regina Sienra If you’re familiar with the Toronto indie music scene, you must be familiar with Dwayne Gretzky. This shapeshifting cover band - that is way more than just a cover [...]

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TrackBack – Revisiting Library Voices’ “Summer of Lust”

By Regina Sienra By late 2010, Library Voices were already acquainted with long tours. As they crossed North America, the band took a two week break from shows to work on what would become Summer [...]

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Remember Land of Talk? They are back! In vinyl form

By Regina Sienra Land of Talk came back from a long break on December 2015. Since then, everything we’ve heard from the band is good news. First it was the Spring shows, then some hints [...]

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This company will turn your ticket stub into a floor mat

Are you the kind of concert goer that saves the ticket stub after a show? Do you have dozens or hundreds of stubs at home? Your beloved pieces of cardboard can get a new life [...]

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This Is Not An Album Review: TUNS. Self-titled LP

By Tom Westoll TUNS, the hot new power pop trio comprised of wily can-rock vets (Matt Murphy, Mike O'Neill and Chris Murphy) is taking the nation by storm. The band is releasing it's long awaited [...]

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