Playlist Friday: Birds of a Feather

Birds is the theme of the playlist this week. It began with a link for a song called Blue Jay that was sent to me by Genesis Ritchot. That got me thinking about other bird [...]

New releases for the week ending May 31st 2019

The Paul DesLauriers Band - Bounce Justin Rutledge - Passages Passages by Justin Rutledge Alex Little & The Suspicious Mind - No Control Patrick Ballantyne - Sky (indie) Bangerz Brass - Bangerz Brass Tara Kannangara [...]

B. Knox – Deep Dark Love

Our Basement, You know that feeling of longing and sadness, spaced with moments of apology and dare I say, hope? “Deep Dark Love” is about forlorn or forbidden love, however you see it. The song [...]

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Liam Duncan – Can’t Stop Calling You Baby

Hi Our Basement, It’s about the song. It’s about the words. It’s about the feeling. You gotta chase that feeling. I’m obsessed with crafting songs, writing lyrics, being honest, and making music that punches you [...]

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Jordan Klassen – Virtuous Circle

Hello Our Basement, We use an old cliche to sum up birth, death, and ultimately, the renewal of our human experience: the circle of life. We are perpetually spinning through it, although at times it [...]

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Playlist Friday: Sled Island 2019

The playlist this week has most of the bands that will be heading to Sled Island Festival in Calgary, AB from June 19-23, 2019. Since 2007, Sled Island's thoughtful, eclectic programming and independent spirit have [...]

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New releases for the week ending May 24th 2019

Tamara Sandor - Your Ghosts (Independent) your ghosts EP by Tamara Sandor Black Mountain - Destroyer (Dine Alone) Geneviève Racette - No Water, No Flowers (indie) Milk & Bone - DIVE (Bonsound) Peaches by Milk [...]

Kane Incognito – Fall-In

Hey, Our Basement! Our new song “Fall-In” was written about being ready to fall in love again. That feeling when you’re craving connection, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship where it's complete ecstasy. [...]

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Titus Calderbank – Mistakes

Hello Our Basement, “Mistakes” is a song about failure and regret. A song about missing the mark. It’s also a song of redemption and asking for forgiveness. Humans often fall short. At the end of [...]

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LISA – Fumes

Hey Our Basement, “Fumes” is a sigh of exasperation. “Fumes” is realizing your all is not enough. “Fumes” is having the door shut in your face and having to start again. “Fumes” is forcing a [...]

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