Keith Mosfet – Superficial Hypocrite

Hey Our Basement, Don’t you ever feel like it’s all fake and disingenuous? We’re addicted to the serotonin boost we get from ‘likes,’ but it’s time to laugh it off. I wanted to write a [...]

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Piper Cole – Bones

Hi Our Basement, To be human is to struggle but I believe I could have a pretty enjoyable life if I could just get over myself. My new single ‘Bones’ tells the tale of [...]

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Playlist Friday: DarBar’s Polaris Long List

We are in the middle of Polaris Music Prize season and I am anxiously waiting to hear who makes it on to the Long List. The jurors votes are in and the official long list [...]

New releases for the week ending June 14th 2019

Claudia Bouvette - Cool It EP (Cult Nation) New Swears - Night Mirror (Dine Alone Records) Cat Clyde - Hunters Trance (indie) Cliff Stevens - Nobody But You (indie) Jacques Kuba Séguin - Migration (indie) [...]

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Lily Frost – Cruel World (Nickel & Dime)

Hi Our Basement! Songwriting is the way I process life. It is my outlet, my anchor, and my voice. I’m so thrilled with Retro Moderne, my latest album (14th overall!) that is officially out now. [...]

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NOA – Hypocritical

Hi Our Basement, As an artist and songwriter, I want to give others a voice through my writing. With my new single, I want people to know that they’re not alone and we’re only human. [...]

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New releases for the week ending June 7th 2019

Velvet Code - Dreamer (indie) My Father’s Son - The Greatest Thaw (indie) Badge Époque Ensemble - Badge Époque Ensemble (Telephone Explosion) Ensign Broderick - Bloodmyth (Six Shooter) Ghost Caravan – In The Hours Between [...]

Opeongo – Hopeless

Hi Our Basement, However devastating and tragic things may seem within this life, no component of it or of yourself is truly hopeless. My new song, “Hopeless,” is more a documentation of a feeling than [...]

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Altered By Mom – Hear That Sound

Hey Our Basement, This song always felt like it had a life of its own, and we’ve been holding it back for too long! “Hear That Sound” is about making someone else cry. It’s such [...]

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New releases for the week ending May 31st 2019

The Paul DesLauriers Band - Bounce Justin Rutledge - Passages Passages by Justin Rutledge Alex Little & The Suspicious Mind - No Control Patrick Ballantyne - Sky (indie) Bangerz Brass - Bangerz Brass Tara Kannangara [...]