New releases for the week ending August 16th 2019

Aviva Chernick - La Serena (Independent) Absinthe & Smoke by Corey Isenor Innes Wilson - The Heart That Holds This Up (Indie) The Heart That Holds This Up by Innes Wilson Rae Spoon - Mental [...]

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Dempsey Bolton – What About You

Hi Our Basement, Before I became a songwriter, I grew up with a passion for art in all forms. I studied classical violin starting at the age of 5 and dabbled in saxophone and violin [...]

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Ezra Jordan – Is It Just Me

Hey Our Basement: My new single “Is It Just Me” was written about a break-up I went through. It wasn’t your typical breakup because it happened while we were travelling together in South-East Asia. It [...]

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Playlist Friday: Regina Folk Festival 2019

Festival season continues! This week we are listening to the artists that will be at Regina Folk Festival because that is where I will be. The festival is celebrating 50 years and it has a [...]

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New releases for the week ending August 9th 2019

Electric Youth - Memory Emotion (Last Gang Records), HMLT - Need You (UrbMet), Jeremie Albino - Hard Time (Sleepless Records), Electric Youth - Memory Emotion (Last Gang Records) HMLT - Need You (UrbMet) Need You [...]

Jom Comyn – Chapel of Chimes

Hello Our Basement, I’m really looking forward to sharing Crawl, my newest album (eighth overall!), with the world on September 6th c/o the fine folks at Double Lunch Records. Crafted over the course of 12 [...]

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Opeongo – Less of Me

Hi Our Basement, “Less of Me,” like most of my music, was inspired simply by my need to make sense of a lot of inward negativity, feelings of deep-seated inadequacy. There’s a duality in “Less [...]

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Blandlord – Sun Explorers

Hey Our Basement! The inspiration for “Sun Explorers” is the stupidity and myopic nature of mankind. Human beings are racing towards extinction and ecological collapse because of our greed and pollution. These sun explorers represent [...]

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New releases for the week ending August 2nd 2019

JindaLee - Vela (Indie) Complex and simple at the same time, JindaLee, is poetry whisked into a fabric of the Universe. And as her single ‘Sleepwalk Reverie’ continues to round that corner of your personal [...]

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Melted Wings – Rolling Night

Hi Our Basement, I am releasing a new song from my forthcoming EP, the song is called Rolling Night (release date July 31, 2019), I would be very grateful if you featured it at some [...]

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