Tom Boy – How To Become A Drug Dealer

Our Basement, It was all getting to be a bit much. Constant touring and tight quarters took their toll on CAIRO, our last project. While overseas in England, an affair developed in the band. We [...]

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Playlist Friday: Marijuana is Legal in Canada

Recreational pot has been legalized in Canada as of Wednesday, October 17 and we have a playlist for this historic time. There are over 40 tracks about marijuana and getting high etc. and a few [...]

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New releases for the week ending October 19th 2018

Arkells - Rally Cry Arkells might just be the biggest rock band in Canada at the moment. Thanks to last year's single, "Knocking At the Door," they've had a hit in circulation for a good [...]

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Rob Moir – Sometimes You Gotta Go

Hello Our Basement, Perpetually on the lonesome road, I continue to expand my audience as I perform my songs across the world, making fans the old fashioned way – one dedicated believer at a time. [...]

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Ivy Mairi – Strange Love

hi Our Basement, In 2016, I met producer Kieran Adams (DIANA, Vibrant Matter) through a group of friends who frequently congregated at Toronto’s tiny but mighty gathering place and venue, the Holy Oak – RIP. [...]

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New releases for the week ending October 12th 2018

Art d'Ecco - Trespasser You'd be forgiven for thinking yourself a trespasser in the world of Art d'Ecco. After all, his is a creative ecosystem that feels so real, so familiar, and yet not quite [...]

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LeBarons – Long Highway

Our Basement, It starts with a choice – “hold on tight, or let go and blow away with the wind.” With those opening lines on “Long Highway,” the first single from our forthcoming debut full-length [...]

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Playlist Friday: A Canadian Indie Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada so we of course have a Canadian Indie Thanksgiving playlist for you. There are songs about home and family and food and giving thanks for the blessings. [...]

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New releases for the week ending October 5th 2018

Alexandra Streliski - Inscape There's always been a cinematic quality to Alexandra Stréliski's music, honed from years working in advertising as a composer. In the eight years since quietly self-releasing debut album Pianoscope, slowly the [...]

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NEAVV – Keep

Hi Our Basement, I wrote “Keep,” my new single, with Wendy Parr (Regina Spektor and Sara Bareilles’ vocal coach) while on a 2017 writing trip to Nashville. I thought that I had already written all [...]

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