The Velveteins – All Night Baby

Hey Our Basement, Recently, our friend and director, Henry Acteson, had shown us this old film camera that simultaneously shot four different photos to create moving like images. We loved the vibe and wanted to [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar July/2018

It's time for another Release Radar playlist! And not just one playlist but two playlists again this month! Along with our usual Spotify Release Radar playlist, there is a YouTube new video release playlist as [...]

New releases for the week ending July 13th 2018

AHI - In Our Time The music of AHI — a Brampton, ON-born singer-songwriter who splits his time between Toronto and Nashville — shines with positivity. The optimism of his debut, We Made It Through [...]

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Petit Reve

Hi Our Basement, Maybe it’s growing up in a small Canadian city, surrounded by nature that inspired me to write the Petit Reve EP. When you have nothing to do, your imagination has to find [...]

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Favours – In The Night

Hey Our Basement! Favours are a band that you will never hear from…unless we need something. Born out of personal rediscovery, we sing of the delightful fantasies and harsh realities of adulthood. How fitting that [...]

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New releases for the week ending July 6th 2018

Lunar Lemur - You Can Tell Because The Quantum Cat Version Has An Origami Face Goosebump - Goosebump The band brings Germaphobes members Paul Erlichman and Neil Rankin back together — joining forces with Kirsten [...]

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Colour Film – Open Road

Hi Our Basement, I’m a musician from Hamilton, ON, who plays under the name Colour Film. Since 2006, I have released four albums and toured throughout North America and Europe, sharing the stage with acts [...]

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Bad Western – Sainte Something

Hey Our Basement, When things end, my tendency is to zero in on regret and the things that I feel I’ve missed out on. I wanted “Sainte Something” to focus instead on the hope and [...]

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Playlist Friday: Happy Canada Day!

It is double playlist week again. Canada Day is on this Sunday so I had to bring out the Canada playlist again with a couple new tracks added. It has over five hours of very [...]

New releases for the week ending June 29th 2018

Baby Cages - Bitter Melon bitter melon by BABY CAGES That was the only release I could find this week, but if you know of anything else please let me know in the comments below.

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