Playlist Friday: Canada Day

Canada Day is coming up on Monday and I have a 7.5 hour long playlist to help you get ready for it! This playlist has been growing over the years. Our Canadian artists do seem [...]

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New releases for the week ending June 28th 2019

Scattered Clouds - Take Away Your Summer (Boiled Records) TAKE AWAY YOUR SUMMER by Scattered Clouds Espanola - Espanola (indie) Espanola by Espanola Small Glories - Assiniboine & The Red (indie)

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Dan Moxon – Where You Gonna Sleep Tonight

Hello Our Basement, If you’re conflicted on whether to confront all the issues in your relationship, or break up and move on, this one’s for you. This is really just a song about the [...]

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Mike Riley – Drug Dealer

Hey Our Basement, Sometimes the best way to cope with loneliness is to focus all of your energy into something you really care about and blind yourself with a ‘for better or worse’ mentality. “Drug [...]

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SAENS – Dazed

Hi Our Basement, I’m always torn between the need to do right by the people I love, and the darkness that resides deep within. Love, sexuality, sensuality, and vulnerability are the leading elements for this [...]

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Playlist Friday: Indigenous Peoples Day and Release Radar

It's another double playlist week! One for National Indigenous Peoples Day and one is OurBasement Release Radar. So much music! National Indigenous Peoples Day, celebrated in Canada every 21 June, is an official day of [...]

New releases for the week ending June 21st 2019

Daniel Wesley - Beach Music (Beachgrove Records) Marshall - Layers (indie) Matt Blais - In Shadow and Light (indie) Richard Reed Parry - Quiet River of Dust: Vol. 2 (indie) Version Xcursion (VX) and Amai [...]

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Ludic – 2 Myself

Hey Our Basement, “2 Myself” is our conscious effort to emulate some of the sounds of present-day pop music while still maintaining what makes us Ludic. A little bit pop, maybe even a little bit [...]

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Keith Mosfet – Superficial Hypocrite

Hey Our Basement, Don’t you ever feel like it’s all fake and disingenuous? We’re addicted to the serotonin boost we get from ‘likes,’ but it’s time to laugh it off. I wanted to write a [...]

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Piper Cole – Bones

Hi Our Basement, To be human is to struggle but I believe I could have a pretty enjoyable life if I could just get over myself. My new single ‘Bones’ tells the tale of [...]

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