Playlist Friday: Canadian Indie Labour Union

This weeks playlist is a union of Canadian Indie tunes for Labour Day. Labour Day in Canada is celebrated on September 2 this year. This holiday officially celebrates workers and the labour union movement. It [...]

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New releases for the week ending August 30th 2019

Bodywash - Comforter (Luminelle Recordings) Comforter by Bodywash Close Talker - How Do We Stay Here? (Slow Weather) Sass Jordan - Rats reissue (True North)

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Mike Riley – Marriage

Hey Our Basement, “Marriage” is about the moments leading up to when you make the ultimate decision– to stay or leave. It's about recognizing that it takes conscious work for any relationship to be fulfilling, [...]

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NOA – Caught Up

Hey Our Basement, When I start to fall for someone, I often get very “Caught Up” in my head. Overthinking becomes second nature, and it always seems to take me out of the present moment [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar Aug/2019

Yay it's Playlist Friday! Release Radar for August is our playlist this week. Release Radar playlists let you know what is new each month. We have a Spotify Release Radar playlist and a YouTube new [...]

New releases for the week ending August 23rd 2019

Becky Ninkovic - Woe (Paper Bag) [Becky's] debut solo record is a cathartic exploration of this emotional journey that aches both lyrically and melodically with heart-wrenching vulnerability. Woe swims powerfully — at times even danceably [...]

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Adera – Little Feather

Hey Our Basement, I’m not sure if you can relate to this or not but I’ve always struggled with anxiety. For me it would manifest as migraines and breakdowns pretty often; one day, I noticed [...]

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The Drew Thomson Foundation – Barbed Wire

Drew Thomson of Single Mothers is gearing up to release his first solo LP as The Drew Thomson Foundation later this year. We'd love to have you feature the new single "Barbed Wire" at OurBasement. [...]

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Shallow Waves – Dust

Hey Our Basement, We just released our second single this year called “Dust.” The song picks up where our last single, “Shapes,” left off, introducing the newer elements of what we expect to showcase on [...]

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Playlist Friday: MEME 2019

We are off to another festival this week, Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition 2019. This time I won't actually be traveling to this festival but will just enjoy the music that will be playing there. It [...]