Orange Shirt Day 2019

Beginning in 2013, Orange Shirt Day was designed to educate people and promote awareness about the impact that the Indian residential school system had, and some would say still has, on Indigenous communities of Canada [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar Sept/2019

Yay it’s Playlist Friday! Release Radar for September is our playlist this week. Release Radar playlists let you know what is new each month in the Canadian Indie world. There was lots going on in [...]

New releases for the week ending September 27th 2019

Gilliam, Hall, Sorbara - Counter-stasis - Refracted Voices Counterstasis - Refracted Voices by Gilliam, Hall, Sorbara Harlequin Gold - Baby Blue Neil Little - S/T (indie) Neil Little by Neil Little Ruben Young - Dreamstate [...]

Donovan Woods – Way Way Back

Hello OurBasement “Way Way Back” juxtaposes love, both new and familiar, along with the perculiar space it occupies in one’s mind. Diving into the internal, emotional conflict individuals face when rekindling an old flame. Recorded [...]

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Peach Luffe – Wave

Hey Our Basement, Recently, I’ve been really trying to become a better person in general. That means taking responsibility for my actions. Relationships are a two way street. Often we blame the other person for [...]

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Playlist Friday: Pop Montreal Festival 2019

It's still festival time! This week we are taking a listen to Canadian artists that will be playing at POP Montreal Festival this year. POP Montreal International Music Festival is a non-profit community organization that [...]

New releases for the week ending September 20th 2019

Alex Cuba - Sublime Blinker the Star - Careful With Your Magic Careful With Your Magic by Blinker the Star Evelyne Brochu - Objets perdus (Grosse Boîte) Objets perdus by Evelyne Brochu Excuses Excuses - [...]

Polaris 2019, The images

As has become the tradition on this site over the last few years, Lenny Wu (aka Wildworks) has been kind enough to share some of the photos he took at the Polaris Music Prize Gala. [...]

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Polaris 2019

Last night saw Jeremy Dutcher hand over the virtual Polaris crown, the one he was wearing having been brought from home, along with the $50,000 to Haviah Mighty for her album 13th Floor, beating releases [...]

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Chin Injeti – On My Own

Hi Our Basement, “On My Own” is a song that I love, first & foremost. It takes me to a place tinged with the familiarity of the past, touched by the future, and grounded in [...]

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