New releases for the week ending February 1st 2019

Pale Lips - After Dark (Alien Snatch! Records) There was a sweet spot in the 70’s when old-fashioned rock n’ roll and the early onset of punk crossed paths, creating high octane acts like Johnny [...]

Venus Furs – Chaos and Confusion

Hello Our Basement, “Chaos and Confusion” is the second single to be heard from our yet-to-be-released debut album. Inspired by Cat Power, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and TV On The Radio, “Chaos and Confusion” was [...]

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Take a Listen To This

We have a couple more new tracks for you to take a listen to today. They are both pretty fantastic. Different moods to them, with one being more haunting and one with a bit more [...]

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The Black Fever – Marketing

Our Basement, "I'll buy the first thing I come across; But what good is it if you're long gone." Sometimes the only art or images we see while going about our daily lives are those [...]

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Playlist Friday: Let’s Be Happy

The playlist this week is full of happy, uplifting, inspiring songs to help us fight the January Blues. The holidays are over, the bills are coming in, it's cold out and spring feels so far [...]

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New releases for the week ending January 25th 2019

Andrew Austin - Starts And Fits (Indie) Bob Sumner - Wasted Love Songs (Indie) Riverbed by Bob Sumner Bob Sumner is used to rocking out with his brother as one half of the Sumner Brothers, [...]

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Take A Listen To This

Our Canadian artists just keep pumping out the music and here are a couple tracks you should take a listen to. I have gotten quite a few emails about artists with new tracks to share [...]

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The Wild Raccoon Podcast for January 2019

Hello and welcome to the Wild Raccoon podcast episode 16 for the month of January 2019. Yes, yes, I know that this months episode is a bit late but I have a new job running [...]

The Jerry Cans

Regina Show - January 17, 2019 It was a cold Thursday night in Regina but The Jerry Cans and Joshua Qaumariaq warmed up the sold out crowd with their high-energy uplifting show. Joshua Qaumariaq started [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar Jan/2019

It's Release Radar playlist time! Release Radar are playlists that let you know what is new each month. We have a Spotify Release Radar playlist and a YouTube new video release playlist to help you [...]