Melted Wings – Rolling Night

Hi Our Basement, I am releasing a new song from my forthcoming EP, the song is called Rolling Night (release date July 31, 2019), I would be very grateful if you featured it at some [...]

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8 Random Questions with … Basset

Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself? We’re a bunch of liberal arts students-turned acoustic folk musicians from Toronto. We use fiddle, mandolin, cello, guitar and voice to make music that takes some inspiration from [...]

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Playlist Friday: Kaslo Jazz Etc Festival 2019

The playlist this week is about another festival, Kaslo Jazz Etc Festival. I love festival season and we are in the thick of it now. I am out at Gateway Festival this week and then [...]

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New releases for the week ending July 26th 2019

Kayla Diamond - Dirty Laundry (Pheromone Recordings) Toronto Pop singer Kayla Diamond was never supposed to be an artist. In fact, she was aiming to become a lawyer.(Radio Humber) Laye - Lonesome (Indie) For laye, [...]

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The Actual Goners – Temptation

Hey there, Our Basement! A lot of songwriters would agree that their personal favourite songs often come to them quite naturally, while others are a grind to just finish. We may have thought that we [...]

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Yaehsun – Waterbaby

Hey Our Basement! This has been a long time coming, after years of touring supporting my friends musical endeavors, I decided to officially start my own. My first release, “Waterbaby,” is an underwater love song [...]

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8 Random Questions With … Nature Of

1. Would you like to introduce yourself? Not Really 2. What was the last piece of music you heard that made you think, I wish I wrote that? Mr. Brightside by the Killers 3. How [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar July/2019

It’s Release Radar playlist time! Release Radar are playlists that let you know what is new each month. We have a Spotify Release Radar playlist and a YouTube new video release playlist to help you [...]

New releases for the week ending July 19th 2019

Ada Lea - what we say in private (Saddle Creek) what we say in private by Ada Lea Sometimes loss calls for a personal rediscovery. When Alexandra Levy endured a recent breakup she used various [...]

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Take A Listen To This

Here are some new tracks you should take a listen to from Pleasure Craft, Johnny Payne and Fade Awaays. They all have a different take on clubs, drinking, mass social situations and entertaining. Read what [...]