Stopwatch Novelty – Business Casual

The fusion-blues duo Stopwatch Novelty was born in Ottawa, Ontario sometime between 2007/2008 and consists of two friends from high school, producer/bassist Pawel Szaryk and vocalist/guitarist Curt Jones. Their first band ‘Mindthread’ released 3 EPS, [...]

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Leanne Goose – This Time

Leanne Goose is a songstress from the north who pours her passion into her music that resonates from the heart of the MacKenzie Delta. She is a proud Inuvialuit and Dene woman who was born [...]

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Zaac Pick – Constellations

Zaac Pick has a way with time. Of slowing it down to reveal the space that connects and divides us; and of urging it on to shrink that space. Generous, slippery, capricious, kind — time [...]

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SSSLLLOOOAAANNN at the Rock and Roll Hotel!

Text and images by Janet Athanasiou On November 18th, Sloan played the Rock and Roll Hotel as part of their One Chord to Another 20th anniversary tour. The venue, a misnamed bar (not hotel) located [...]

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New releases for the week ending November 25th

Synth Gods Vol. IIDOS-Filthexperimental Reflections on RealityUrsulealternative Glassholewoulg-relatedelectronic The Not Good Enough For The Album EPMooshy Facepunk FUCKYOUSATAN!THISWORLDISMINE.Luna Arakawaexperimental Eye of the RabbitBarbarosaalternative CirclesHX KYpunk start up close downtest cardambient Despair Is SanityLARS TRIERmetal TDIII [...]

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JindaLee – Strangers’ Lives

While JindaLee is an Albertan by birth she has spent much of her time living in places as far apart as Germany, Japan and, Montreal before settling down in Toronto. Her far-reaching travels, along with [...]

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Eliza Mary Doyle – It Ain’t What It Seems

When Eliza Mary Doyle’s car broke down in Nashville in 2015, she found herself happily stuck in Music City. The venerable Saskatchewan banjo player and singer/songwriter had stopped in to see a festival and ended [...]

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Kamloops’ band Van Damsel are calling it quits

Kamloops-based Alternative band, Van Damsel, started playing together in high school and formed Van Damsel in 2010. Now, as the members near the age of 30, the four are going their separate ways, with a [...]

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Ode To Ontario Playlist

by Darlene Barss Our playlist today is an ode to all those Ontario musicians we know and love. There is no shortage of talent coming out of that province that is for sure.  Broken Social [...]

Album releases for Friday 18th November 2016

Légendes d’un peuple - oeuvres choisies, tomes I à V by Alexandre Belliard Label: DEP Distribution Format: CD De Profundis by Penderecki String Quartet Label: Marquis Music Format: CD Georg Philipp Telemann: Le théatre musical [...]

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