New releases for the week ending January 22nd 2020

Kiwi Jr. - Cooler Returns (Kiwi Club/Sub Pop) Cooler Returns by Kiwi jr Mireille Boily - Refuges Mouvants (Effendi Records/Naxos Jazz)

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Christee Palace – What Have You Done to Me

Hey Our Basement, What have you done to me? I remember asking myself this question at a time when I felt completely consumed by the subject of this song… A feeling like I was almost [...]

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Brendan Scott Friel – Cheap String Lights (feat. Crissi Cochrane)

Hello Our Basement, "Cheap String Lights" offers a preview of my upcoming record; a song about rediscovering the magic in the places and people you see every day, something I think a lot of us [...]

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Alex Southey – Rosie

Hi, Our Basement, We are a few weeks out from the February 5th arrival of my third full length album entitled ...And the Country Stirred, produced by Juno winner and Polaris prize nominee John Critchley [...]

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Playlist Friday: Beats of British Columbia

This week's playlist is the start of our cross country journey we will be going on this year. We will hear the Beats of British Columbia this time. Back in the early days of OurBasement, [...]

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New releases for the week ending January 15th 2020

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb - 13 Lunar Meditations: Summoning the Witches (Bandcamp) 13 Lunar Meditations: Summoning the Witches by Ayelet Rose Gottlieb איילת רוז גוטליב The Divorcees - Drop of Blood Petric - Flashbacks Royal Wood [...]

The Divorcees – Drop Of Blood

Two-time winners of East Coast Music Association’s Country Album of the Year — plus several more from Music New Brunswick for good measure — members Alex Madsen, Jason Haywood, Denis “Turtle” Arsenault, Shawn Thomas, and [...]

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The Barettas – Touchè

Hey Our Basement, The Barettas have been resurrected and are back from the grave. And we're aiming right in between the music industry's eyes! Bang bang, baby. Our entire new album, out January 29th, is [...]

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8 Random Questions with … E.G. Palermo

Q1, Would you like to introduce yourself? Full name: Enzo Gaetano Palermo Lyra, Dear / Look Outside by E.G. Palermo Q2, What is the most unusual food you enjoy eating? All foods are normal. Q3, [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar Dec/2020

The OurBasement playlist this week is the Release Radar for December/2020 and is full of all the new music Canadian artists have been creating. This week there is a Spotify Release Radar playlist, the playlist [...]

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