(Editor’s note: Please read this in the voice of infamous infomercial spokesman Bill Mays.)

How are you with word association? Let’s try some.

  • Hannah Georgas
  • Wintersleep
  • Little Scream
  • Monster Truck
  • Black Mountain
  • Tokyo Police Club
  • free

Did you say Dine Alone Records? Nice job, but what’s the “free” doing in there? Well, it’s once again time for Dine Alone to give away a whole ton of free music!

As has become their tradition, last week Dine Alone released their annual Summer Sampler. All those bands and artists above join 20 others to make up this free collection you can download right now! Just check out this playlist.

But wait! There’s more!

They’re also giving away five amazing prizes!

Four runners up will receive:

  • A Pair of Vans shoes
  • Skullcandy headphones
  • HEX iPhone case (sorry, Android fans)
  • A Day In My Shoes Agency T Shirt
  • Various Dine Alone Records releases on CD

The Grand Prize winner will get all of that PLUS a Crossley C200 turntable and a bunch of DAR vinyl!

Don’t wait! Order now!