Remember ska? Of course you do. You heard it in the playlist on Friday. In the course of making that list, I found myself loving those tracks. A lot. So much, I’ve had The Planet Smashers’ “Surfin’ in Tofino” stuck in my head (#SiMH.) Ironic, since that track didn’t make the playlist.

But that got me thinking. Have I ever even heard another Planet Smashers track? I couldn’t think of one. That drove me to Spotify where I listened to the whole of Life of the Party, the album from which “Tofino” originates.

What I found was a guaranteed dance party. Is there another genre of music more assured to get you tapping your toes, chair dancing, or even up on your feet, busting a move? If there is, please tell me about it.

Between the brass and the organ, The Planet Smashers never sound like they’re taking themselves too seriously. Some of their tracks even sound like they ought to be an Arrogant Worms-like joke (“Super Orgy Porno Party?”) Yet they never comes off that way. They are always upbeat and completely danceable, with perhaps the exception of “No Matter What You Say,” which mellows things out nicely for a break after nearly a dozen tracks of head-bobbing beats. It’s also the longest track on the album, topping in a just over four minutes. With the exception of two others, nothing else tops the three-minute mark, making the 15-track album just fly by.

Things then get more ominous after “No Matter” as a musical fight breaks out on Kung Fu Master, but things settled down to that same toe-tapping sound I was accustomed to for the final two tracks.

I could see why ska isn’t exactly a favoured sound for some people: the beats could be considered irritating to some and it may just sound like a joke to others. I find that almost frivolous aspect of the attitude refreshing, especially with all the turmoil we’re living with these days. Life of the Party helped me to disconnect and enjoy just being for a while.