Since the release of Forgiveness Rock Record on 2010 and the world tour that followed, the members of Broken Social Scene have focused on their solo projects. With an average of one or two shows a year, and only a couple tracks released in a span of five years, the band has remained largely silent.

That is, until today. A press release from BSS announced that they are, as we speak, working on a new album.

The band has confirmed this on Twitter:

Commence the fireworks.

They will also be departing on their first tour since 2011 tomorrow. Besides Chicago, there are stops in New York, Ireland and the UK. Unfortunately the band said in their press release these “are the only opportunities for fans to see the beloved reunited band in 2016.” So no Canadian dates… But there’s always hope.

After all, we never gave up hope they would end their “indefinite hiatus,” and here we are. We’ll keep you posted if anything more comes up.

For now, enjoy “Golden Facelift”, the band’s latest track, released in December 2014.