By Regina Sienra

No one can really measure the spectrum of the fanbase a band can gain, and sometimes the less palpable aspect can be one of geography: Where is your music being played and enjoyed? For Chixdiggit, Italy is one of those places. Cristian and Miriam, two of their biggest fans there just got married, and the bride decided to surprise the groom at the wedding with a special performance by the Calgary punk-rock band.

In a video uploaded by the Italian station Radio BAM, you can see the groom being led to a tree-lined area, where the band is secretly testing their instruments. Cristian soon turns his head to find his favourite band and scream with the delight.

The band then plays the 1996 song “I Wanna Hump You” for the Italian newlyweds and their guests. In another video, the band plays “Sikome Beach” from Born on the First of July as the groom happily moshes and dances by the front row.

If you’re closer to Bengough, Sask., than you are to Italy, you can catch Chixdiggit this weekend at the Gateway festival.