By Tiffy Leeson

So like, I’m in a band:

Indie Week Canada, which boasts having 300 acts take over 20 venues in Canada’s largest city, is now taking submissions for artists to perform at their week-long showcase.

Apply HERE all you amazing musicians. Keep on keepin’ on.

So like, I’m a fan:

For those not familiar, Indie Music Week sprang into action 13 years ago showcasing independent musicians, both Canadian and from abroad, in numerous venues spread across the city of Toronto. After seeing success here with their format, they have expanded to the UK market, establishing Indie Week Europe in 2015.

A large draw for participating bands is the chance to participate in Manchester, England for Indie Music Europe’s Showcase (flights and accommodations included)

Indie Week Canada takes place in November and this year falls between the 15th to 20th.

So like, anyways:

Since the move away of the intimate venue-centric version of NXNE, it will be interesting to see if the independent music festivals such like Indie Music Week will expand and flourish to fill the void that a lot of us so longed for this past year from our city’s most-profiled go-to venue-hopping staple.

Time will have to tell.

In the meantime, check out Indie Week’s socials to see who will be hanging out in Toronto and where you can check them out:

Indie Music Website
Indie Music Week Twitter
Indie Music Week FaceBook
Insta Indie Music Week

Indie Music Week Alumni Include:

The Dearly Bereft – (More to come on these guys in the future)

Sumo Cyco

Walk Off The Earth