By Regina Sienra

Royal Canoe is going out of their way to throw some mini-listening parties for their fans in Winnipeg, their hometown. Something got Lost Between Here and the Orbit, Royal Canoe’s new album, isn’t being dropped until September 16, but if you happen to be in Manitoba’s biggest city you can get to hear it two weeks early. The best part? Your physical copy will be delivered by the band itself.

“We wanted to show Winnipeg the record before anyone else,” said keyboardist Matt Schellenberg to the CBC. “Winnipeg has always been our home base and it’s been where we have an incredible community that’s supported us.”

The band will be cycling to your place – that’s why this opportunity is open to Winnipeg fans only –, will listen to the first song with you, and will move onward to the next party. “If you’re of age, we can like do a shot with you and then we’ll go to the next house,” Schellenberg declared on the same interview.

Since one of the main topics on the new album is being away from home, Royal Canoe found in this idea the opportunity to reconnect with the local community that has supported them from the beginning.

If you’d like to sign up, visit the Royal Canoe website.