By Darlene Barss

Welcome to the  Stream of thought playlist (as in “music stream”, get it?), where a bunch of song titles from Canadian indie bands and performers become a little story. Let your thoughts and the music flow as you read and listen to some great music from the Great White North. Enjoy!

In September,  the Youngsters head back to school and that Northern Air turns cool. We could really use some warm air from that Territory…From the South to give us High Hopes that the temperature won’t drop Below zero. I suppose it is out of our Control and we should just get Underneath the covers and not Feel Shame in this. Shame might happen as talk turns to Birds & Bees and Cemetery Breeding and that is our Romantic Rights. We would talk long Into the Night until we get Xed Eyes. I will end up wanting you to be my Companion as there is nobody Quite Like You on this Dark Planet. But then the Negative Thoughts will creep in and I will have Tunnel Vision about Broken Arrows piercing my Stained Glass Heart. Yuh give me all the Feels and no Place to Hide. So instead I think I will head off with Sails of Gold to somewhere warm like Hawaii and have a Paralyzer or two and do a Somersault and just Keep on Dancing because No Worries Gonna Find Us there.  

Artists in the playlist: Hayden, Renny Wilson, Elliott Brood, Wintersleep, Young Benjamins, Like a Motorcycle, White Lung, Operators, Programm, Single Mothers, Weaves, Black Mountain, Death From Above 1979, Like A Motorcycle, Holy Fuck, Braids, Andy Shauf, Pet Sun, Duchess Says, Hooded Fang, The Matinee, Public Animal, The Belle Game, Walrus, Concealer, Del Bel, Selina Martin, Suuns, Royal Canoe, We Are The City, Plants and Animals.

Picture: Cover art of The Great Detachment by Wintersleep