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New releases for the week ending May 24th 2019

Tamara Sandor - Your Ghosts (Independent) your ghosts EP by Tamara Sandor Black Mountain - Destroyer (Dine Alone) Geneviève Racette - No Water, No Flowers (indie) Milk & Bone - DIVE (Bonsound) Peaches by Milk [...]

Kane Incognito – Fall-In

Hey, Our Basement! Our new song “Fall-In” was written about being ready to fall in love again. That feeling when you’re craving connection, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship where it's complete ecstasy. [...]

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Titus Calderbank – Mistakes

Hello Our Basement, “Mistakes” is a song about failure and regret. A song about missing the mark. It’s also a song of redemption and asking for forgiveness. Humans often fall short. At the end of [...]

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LISA – Fumes

Hey Our Basement, “Fumes” is a sigh of exasperation. “Fumes” is realizing your all is not enough. “Fumes” is having the door shut in your face and having to start again. “Fumes” is forcing a [...]

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New releases for the week ending May 17th 2019

Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated (School Boy/Interscope Records) Delhi 2 Dublin - We Got This (Inside Pocket / Warner Music Canada) Delta Will - Multitudes II EP (Knapsack Records) LAL - Dark Beings (Coax Records) [...]

Kayla Diamond – Cry Wolf

Our Basement, I want to talk about heartbreak – not in a selective way. I want to air the complexities of loving and leaving a person, of missing and aching while leaning into freedom. I [...]

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Petra Glynt – New Growth

Hi Our Basement, I wrote “New Growth” in the fall of 2017 in response to the #metoo movement. It was like a dam broke; all of the stories and emotions that had been suppressed for [...]

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The Wild Raccoon Podcast for May 2019

Wild Raccoon looks at some tracks of a more adult nature this month.

New releases for the week ending May 10th 2019

Bernard Adamus - C'qui nous reste du Texas (Grosse Boîte) C'qui nous reste du Texas by Bernard Adamus David Cruz - S/T (indie) David Kaufman - Second Promise (indie) Doomsquad - Let Yourself Be Seen [...]

Shallow Waves – Shapes

Hello Our Basement, As we transition from our alternative-rock roots into a more psychedelic sound, “Shapes” is a very exciting new single for us to be sharing with you today. While “Shapes” still encompasses some [...]

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