By Darlene Barss

We have done a French Canadian playlist previously that you may have thought was for the province of Quebec but no it was not. That playlist focused on songs in French and while many of the artists were indeed from Quebec that was not the focus of that one. Today’s playlist is focused on the high quality music that comes out of Quebec, some of it in French but predominantly in English this time.

I love the music coming out of this province very much. Time and time again I will hear some music that catches my ear and it becomes a new favourite. I then find out that the artist is from Quebec, Montreal in particular, and am not surprised. It has a music scene with a lot of depth and seems to be very collaborative. Members of one band combine with members of another and make a new band or artists recording with other artists and so on and so on. It is a place I just imagine all these wonderful artists hanging out and jamming and seeing what sounds they can come up with. It is a place I would love to spend some time listening to those sounds they come up with live. For now I take great pleasure in listening to the recordings they send out to us.

Thank you Quebec for all the quality music you have brought to our ears and our hearts. Keep it up!