By Darlene Barss

We Three Kings were Comin’ Home For Christmas which was 2000 Miles away. “Carry Me Home!” I cried. “I swear I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” I really want to Sing O’Holy Night because It’s Christmas Time. Yes It’s Xmas Time Again. Tonight It’s Christmas and we will see What Christmas Brings this year. Maybe This Christmas I will hear Merry Christmas (I Love You) and I will reply Merry Christmas Darling. I hope you Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas as well and All I Want For Christmas Is You to be as happy as us. We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Merry Christmas Maybe to a sweetheart of your own. If you have a relationship I Hope It’s Something Good and you have at least Three Generations at your next Christmas.

If you have a little one they may write a letter to Dear Mrs. Claus to hand over to that Power Pop Santa. Sadly Santa Never Brings Me a Banjo but My Gift is Under The Tree all Wrapped Up In Your Green Trees Red Hearts paper. We will Hang a String of Lights so the Kids Come Back Again At Christmas. They can play in the Snow and sing a Wintersong and keep warm with a fire of Branch’s Arms and Burning the Hickory.

Christmas in Paradise would be lovely though. A Christmas Day In The Sun and the surf sounds fantastic. Where lovers tell each other First I Make Love To You, Then I Make Love to Christmas. There may be some single ladies saying “All I Want For Christmas is a Cowboy” while some guys might receive a Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis. People have different desires.

Adam Called Me Over Christmas and told me I Can’t Have A Merry Christmas. He felt It’s Not Christmas not Sincerely Christmas without his family. It’s no Fairytale of New York for all. The season can be lonely and go on through to the Day After Day After Christmas and on to the New Year’s Eve Blues. I tried my best to reassure him that we are Gonna Make It Through This Year and I truly mean it.

My Christmas story ends on a bit of a sad note but the truth is while Christmas can be a joyous season for some it isn’t for others. Be kind to each other.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, or however you want to say it! Enjoy the playlist that the story came from.