By Darlene Barss

I struggled with what to call this list. It isn’t exactly top 100 because I limited it to one song per artist. It isn’t my favourites though it is strongly biased to my personal tastes. There is no ranking in the list just 100 fantastic songs that came out this year. I ended up landing on calling it 100 Canadian Indie Artists of 2016. There are old favourites, local favourites and new artists you should know about on there.

2016 was a great year of music for me with Black Mountain, Holy Fuck, Operators, Royal Canoe, Suuns and so many more of my favourite artists releasing new music. What a year! There was no shortage of music for me to listen to this year that is for sure. I hope you listen to this playlist and enjoy it. My hope is also that you may discover someone you haven’t heard yet and investigate more of what they have to offer. Music enriches our lives so much and my heart is full from what 2016 had to offer.

What were you listening to? What are your favourites of 2016?