By Darlene Barss

It is Playlist Friday and the province of New Brunswick is the focus of our playlist this week. I thought about making it an East Coast playlist but there was just far too much great music coming out of each province to lump them all together. We begin our East Coast musical travels with New Brunswick and will move on to the other East Coast provinces in the months ahead.

It can be difficult in New Brunswick to get your music heard. There are a lot of artists but not a lot of professionals working with those artists in the province. The musicians have become like one big family and are helpful and encourage each other. I am sure that helps.

Saint John, Fredericton, and Moncton are the three main music scenes in New Brunswick. There is a mix of cultures with English or French and a lot of different styles that come out of that. There are singer-songwriters, metal, indie-rock, folk and traditional acts, and a lot more. New Brunswick was primarily known for a lot of traditional music, but then there’s been a shift to indie-rock. You may get music of an indie style mixed in with folk and a lot of other styles. It is a melting pot of music.

The playlist is meant to give you a taste of that melting pot. Dig in and enjoy!





Do you have a favourite New Brunswick artist? Are they on the playlist?