By Darlene Barss

Playlist Friday brings us another Stream of Thought playlist. It is 3 hours of fairly recently released music from Canadian Indie artists. The titles of those songs then became a story. Sort of. Enjoy reading the story and listening to the music!

This is about Human Rights. I don’t know what the Intentions of Boys Like You are. I do know No Known Drink Or Drug should be used as a Collapser of resistance or make someone feel Degraded. There is no way it can be called just a Teenage Crime and not a Desastre that this happens. It gives me the Molina Blues that some People think they can Hop the Fence of morality and be So Down low and just plain Evil. Then they plead “How Was I to Know?” Oh please, do you think I am Naive to the Bone or was Born Yesterday? I just want to Kick It Apart so you better Run because I am Maima Koopi (Mother Warrior). You may think I Give You Power but I will take it away.

What we all really need are The Mentors to show us how to be Bien Réel (real good) and open our minds to the Galaxies like Andromeda. We could be Wild Things and do a Ritual Dance to bring us Near To The Wild Heart Of Life. We may get visions of White Lights or a Head Spirit (For Our Mechanical Time). We will feel Young & Wild and think We Were Alive. We will feel like we could Walk out on the Water because the spirits tell us It’s Easy (Like Walking). Or maybe that could just be a Fever and we should drink a Tall Glass of Water and not a Cuppa Limoncello.

Oh hell, I think I will just Book It To Fresno and forget my troubles. Or maybe Beacon Hill or just on a Desert Rock or in some Winter Wheat for some solitude. Maybe I will get a new Re: Lease Life (Place 2 Go). I would Love II find a Brand New Spot and live the Leisure Life but the low funds from being Self-Unemployed doesn’t help in my quest for The Great Reward.


Did you find a new favourite song from the playlist?