By Darlene Barss

Playlist Friday this week is all about Round 2 of Searchlight. All the artists on the playlist successfully made it past Round 1 and are region finalists. The voting for round 2 began on March 7 and ends on March 14 at 3 p.m. ET.  There were more than 2000 acts that entered and we now have the top 10 finalists from each region. For each region, one act was selected that received the highest number of votes, while the other nine were selected by the CBC Music jury.

The Searchlight industry panel will help select the one winner from each of the 23 regions. The two acts who receive the highest number of votes will automatically advance, rounding out the Top 25.

After that, the celebrity judges will select three acts from the Top 25 to advance, who, along with one popular vote act, will comprise our final four. So it is mainly decided by an industry panel along with celebrity judges but our votes count for something.

What interests me the most about Searchlight, is the discovery of new talent and new music. So no matter if you vote or not, give the artists a listen and you just may find yourself a new artist to keep your ears open for. I found my top 5 from each region and made a playlist of them. I should have narrowed it down to top 3 or so but too late now! If I get a chance I will narrow it down. Not all of the artists are on Spotify yet but the rest should be on there. There are some songs that weren’t on Spotify but the artist was so a substitution song was put in.

There are a couple of artists that are in Searchlight and have been mentioned in Polaris talks as well, The Jerry Cans and Future Peers. I hope they both do well in Searchlight. There are a few artists I remember from Searchlight before such as Miss Natasha Enquist, //AMISTAD//, and Ivory Hours and are on my voting list. I am a big supporter of local talent and this young woman from Regina named Ava Wild has come onto my radar. I look forward to hearing more from her.

So take a listen to the playlist and then maybe even head over to CBC Music Searchlight and throw some of your favs a vote or two.

Future PEERS isn’t on Spotify but you can hear them on Soundcloud.

I was going to post my list but it is too long. Too long to put in here I think.

Wow, that playlist ended up way too long too. I will try to fix that as we go.

Making choices is hard!