By Darlene Barss

Our Canadian Indie Stream of Consciousness playlist continues on for Playlist Friday today. It began in September 2016 with 20 songs that I started it with and we added to it. We then added on to it again in November and December and ended up with 95 songs. After a few months break, I thought I would bring it back to see where we could go with it from there.

To recap, I began with Caught Up which led to Turn Up The Volumes on to Turn Your Love then to Your Master’s Wishes. Do you see where we are going with this yet? You find a common word in one title that is in another title. Kiss Me When I Bleed and Fight and Kiss have kiss in common for example. Next I found a song with Fight in it, sort of. I used Get Fighted for the next song. That was the start of the stream. The end of the stream was No Milk, No Sugar…No Sleep….Sing Me To SleepSing Me Spanish Techno…Wear Me Away. Now we are looking for a song with Wear or Away to carry on our stream of consciousness. Help me out won’t you?