By Darlene Barss

For Good Friday we have a Canadian Indie Easter/Spring playlist for your listening pleasure. It might not be typical Easter music and some songs may even have you wondering why it is on there. Let me try to explain a little.

It’s starts out with songs about Good because it is Good Friday and then transitions into death. We have some songs about Jesus, religion (sort of) and resurrection for our Easter segment of the playlist. He has risen indeed kind of thing.

Easter and Spring are both about new beginnings and new life so our playlist then has songs about new things and places. The last portion of the playlist is about Spring and what it brings with it. Things like rain and floods but also flowers and fresh air and birds and bees. It ends with Luscious Life because that is how I feel about Spring, it is just luscious. The playlist begins with Life is Good and ends with Luscious Life. Full of hope and promise and love of life. There was a little death and darkness in the middle to make us appreciate life and lightness. End sermon.

Anyways, that was a little bit of my thought process putting this playlist together. I hope you enjoy it and Happy Easter!