The playlist today is in honour of Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday. I thought I would attempt another Stream of Thought for it. I am never sure where it is going to go and what I will come up with. Let’s see.

The tale of your Mother began Before the Children Came Along. I would tell you about the Birds & Bees but you weren’t Born Yesterday. After 9 or so months you were Welcomed into the Family. You may have heard a Lullaby for Nola from The Mama Papa or some other member of the Family Band. Some Kids just won’t go to sleep and need a 12:59 Lullaby. The Kids Don’t Get It that their Loco Mama could Love You Like That. If you have a Fever they do it All for You and answer your call of Rock Me Now and sing another Lullaby. But For Love and your Mother’s Sake I hope you Take Care of Each Other and give her Flowers. She may be a Maima Koopi but Boys Like You should get her Flowers. Even if you think I’m Not A Kid Anymore, she is Mother Of All Snakeheads and you don’t want to wait until a Family Reunion where My Mamma Pinned a Rose on Me. Mothers Of The Sun deserve your love and respect.

That was my Mother’s Day Stream of Thought. Enjoy the music!


Happy Mother’s Day!