The playlist today is taking a look back at the artists that were on the train for Tracks on Tracks and seeing what they are up to now. Tracks on Tracks happened 5 years ago and I wanted to take a look back at it.  Green Couch ProductionsCBC Radio 3 and VIA Rail teamed up to bring us Tracks on Tracks, the ultimate Canadian rock ‘n’ rail adventure aboard VIA’s mighty and iconic Canadian passenger train. It was a cross-Canada, four-day-and-three-night trip and music showcase. The train left Vancouver on June 8 – with stops in Jasper, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg – and arrived in Toronto on June 12 for the NXNE Music Festival. Green Couch was there to document the performances, and CBC Radio 3’s Grant Lawrence broadcast/podcast the experience. There were 10 bands and a bunch of music fans that enjoyed the ride and I was one of those. It was a great time and a memory I cherish. It seemed to have a big impact on all of us but even more for the artists that got to be there.



I sent a message to Green Couch about the documentary they were filming. It sadly never came to be but they gave me this response when I asked. “We also have plans to finish the documentary, unfortunately we had technical difficulties / legalities and are still trying to see what we can release.” The Matinee have a theory about it being like Festival Express and the documentary will come out years later and be a big hit. Time will tell. They did have this teaser video.



Adaline, The Belle Game, Bear Mountain, Topless Gay Love Techno Party, JP Maurice, Portage and Main, Sidney York, Shred Kelly, Chris Ho, Zach Gray (from The Zolas) and Adrian Glynn and The Matinee were the wonderful artists that had the train bouncing down the tracks and entertaining us and the people that came out to the train station shows. It really was a fantastical train ride for everyone.

The first part of the playlist is songs from around that time and the second half is their more recent music. I had some trouble finding Chris Ho’s music on Spotify so I am adding a couple of his songs on Bandcamp, one from then and one from 2015. Portage and Main aren’t together anymore but it seems the rest are still active. Adaline just released her new album June 2 of this year and The Matinee’s came out Feb 17 for example. Check out some tracks from all the artists on the playlist below and look st some photos on my Flickr from that magical train ride.


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