By Darlene Barss

Still Flux, composed of John Castillo, Johnny Syriani, Luke Winer, and David Hernon is a collaborative rock outfit started by singer/songwriter John Castillo in September 2015. Borrowing elements from Pyschedelia, Metal, and Pop, Still Flux brings forward a fervent mix of sounds from the past and present. Born out of house shows and a passion for bringing people together, the collective can be found performing monthly in assorted venues at their hometown of Montreal, presenting their unique brand of danceable riffs and technical artistry. (From their website)

Their new album is coming out June 29, 2017, and I have had a few listens so far. I am sure I will have a few more listens in the days to come. The instrumentals are by far their strong suit and what I liked most from this rock band. There were times I enjoyed John Castillo’s plaintive melodic vocals especially when blended with other vocals such as on the track Fragile Mind, but the title tracks are my favourite part of the album. That the first track Habits and the last track Dreams are both instrumental and the album is called Habits & Dreams, seems fitting to me. A great groove and beats to start and finish the album. Their description of danceable riffs and technical artistry is pretty bang on.

I am not a big lyric listener so it will take me a few more listens to get into the message of the songs on the album but I am sure they have something to say. You can check out the song Come With Me from the album in the video below and let me know. And on the 29th, go to Spotify or Bandcamp to check out those instrumental tracks.

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