The playlist this week is to celebrate Canada and the music we have here. Like many people I have some conflicted feelings on Canada 150. I don’t want to celebrate the genocide of a culture but I do love Canada. I  am not qualified to express any deep insight into the discussion but I am listening.

The 150th anniversary of Canada, also known as the 150th anniversary of Confederation and promoted by the Canadian government as Canada 150, occurs in 2017 as Canada marks the sesquicentennial anniversary of Canadian Confederation. Some indigenous people including famed artist Alex Janvier and Senator Murray Sinclair have opposed the Canada 150 celebrations stating that these celebrations ignore the more than 10,000 years of indigenous history in these lands and the grave colonial legacy of the Canadian government. (from Wikipedia)

Roberta Jamieson, president and CEO of Indspire  suggest there is a way to mark Canada Day and still acknowledge the country’s difficult history. “The intergenerational trauma, the way that our people have been treated in Canada — it is a fact,” she explains. “I want people to go into July 1 and beyond — eyes wide open accepting our reality. But it’s a time to recommit. It’s a time to re-energize. It’s a time to move beyond what the Indigenous people in Australia call ‘gesture politics’ and it’s a time for sustained and serious action.” (from CBC)

I am hoping for healing and unity going into the future of Canada and not only having our eyes open but keeping our hearts open as well. Music often has a way of bringing people together and that is what I am concentrating on today.  Last weeks playlist focused on music by indigenous artists of Canada and you can listen to that or this weeks playlist that is focused on songs about and celebrating this country called Canada.  Or you could listen to both and revel in the abundance of talent we have in Canada. Let’s celebrate that!


(The playlist is a long one running 4 hrs. You have been warned.)