Canadian Hip Hop is what you will find on our playlist this week. Our friend Russ in Dearborn, Michigan posted on Facebook “Turned the neighbour kid onto Canadian hip-hop. Thanks, d-sisive, Cadence Weapon, Ghettosocks, Classified, and all that he finds.” This turned into a bit of a discussion of all those others that he may find. I had been pondering on what I should do for a playlist this week and the idea for a hip hop playlist started to form in my mind. Then I read our friend Cathleen’s comment saying “I sense a playlist happening…” and I decided that yes we should have a hip hop playlist this week and here we are.


The Canadian hip hop scene was first established in the 1980s. Through a variety of factors, it developed much more slowly than Canada‘s popular rock music scene, and apart from a short-lived burst of mainstream popularity from 1989 to 1991, it remained largely an underground phenomenon until the early 2000s.

Canada’s propensity to create quality artists who rarely achieved public recognition prompted Allmusic to state that Canadian hip hop is the “best-kept secret in hip-hop.”[4] However, with the strong entrance of Drake, K’naan and the moderate success of P Reign and Kardinal Offishall after the turn of the millennium, Canadian hip hop artists have finally achieved worldwide mainstream international recognition. (From Wikipedia)


The first part of the playlist is some of our old favourites from some of our favourite Canadian hip hop artists. It transitions into a few of the new artists on the scene before going back to some newer tracks from our old favourites. There may be a stray track here and there but that is the main outline of the playlist. Have fun!

What favourite tracks of yours do you really wish were on here?

Thanks for the idea Russ and Cathleen!