Our playlist this week comes from the suggestion given by a commenter on this blog, Morgana. She was doing some road trips and was looking for playlist suggestions. I may be late for her road trip but maybe it will be in time for others. It is the season of those summer road trips and this playlist, with over 4 hours of music, should help get you there.

Rough Guides has some suggestions for places for you to go. Reader’s Digest also have their list of Top 10 Best Canadian Road Trips to inspire you. Or maybe you are heading to a music festival or on a camping trip. You could drive in silence but who wants to do that? Music and road trips go well together. I feel music just enhances the experience, makes it more fun and keeps me awake. The psychology on that is still being researched. You can read a bit about that on Psyblog. I am going to keep on listening in the meantime and I hope you do too.


Are there songs you like to have on your road trip playlist? Let me know and I may add them.

Do you have any playlist ideas? What do you want to hear?

Happy and safe travels wherever the road takes you!