grej is the solo project and performing pseudonym of Greg Harrison, a Toronto-based percussionist and composer specialising in classical minimalism and electronic music whose resume includes performing with the likes of Cirque Du Soleil, Video Games Live, Chloe Charles, Reuben and the Dark, R. Murray Schaffer, Fred Penner, and Mark Duggan.

Greg received national acclaim with his debut album Glass Houses for Marimba when it was selected as part of the CBC’s Top 10 Classical Albums of 2015 and nominated for an ECMA for Classical Recording of the Year (2016-2017).

The video is for “Part 3” of the new EP i/Variations, due out on Friday, and was choreographed/performed with dancer Mateo Galindo Torres with artist Carlos Delgado. It explores the process of expressing and absorbing rebellious actions. The work is built from traditional Colombian folk songs, which cater to the perpetual rhythmic layers. This eventually gets swallowed by waves of synth and bowed metal objects – the thematic motif of the album.