The playlist this week was inspired by a conversation on the hill at Interstellar Rodeo last weekend with myself, Loweeda and Liz. The Dead South were coming up and Liz was commenting on how the name of the band sounds like the name of another band. We weren’t sure which band she was thinking of and after some searching Liz revealed that it was The Deep Dark Woods that it seemed like in her head. At first we chuckled but then I remembered that in my head, The Deep Dark Woods and The Wooden Sky get mixed up sometimes. Loweeda had a good name for our combined bands before I threw Wooden Sky into the mix but I have forgotten. I think it is something like The Dead Woods of the Deep South with Dark Brooding Skies now because Elliott Brood was added to make this the ultimate Canadian roots supergroup. And then Liz added Wooden Horsemen in there and I am not sure what to do with that so I won’t. Loweeda thought this would be a good idea for the next playlist. Little did she know I had already begun working on just that.

I began thinking about other bands that get mixed up in my head for one reason or another. Usually there is a similar word in the band name or some other similarity. The bands don’t even have to sound similar for me to get them mixed around a bit. There just has to be something that connects them in my brain to get them confused. It is usually when you are just finding out about a band and don’t know them that well this happens but it can carry on. The New Pornographers, Broken Social Scene and Stars get confused in my brain all the time. Must be the supergroup thing. Yes We Mystic and We Are Wolves have 3 words and one of them is We. Yup, that’s all it takes. Young Rival, Young Galaxy and Yukon Blonde 2 word names with one starting with a Y. Hey Ocean! and Said The Whale because they have something to do with the ocean? Tokyo Police Club and Japandroids I assume because Tokyo and Japan are in the names. GarfieldUK told me about how he used to get Holy Fuck and Fucked Up mixed up in his head.  Reignwolf is Jordan Cook who I mix up with Jesse Cook. Matthew Good and Matt Mays are both Matts. Joel Plaskett and John K Samson are both singer/songwriters that start with J. Kathryn Calder and Kathleen Edwards both start with Kath. Then there are the Twin bands. So confusing! At one point Bishop Morocco and Mac DeMarco got mixed up in my head, one can only guess because there is an M and ends with a co. The Hidden Cameras and Hooded Fang because 2 words and one starts with H. Really? Yup. Oh then there are the Moon names. Moon King, Half Moon Run and Moonface. How are we supposed to keep this all straight?! Zoo Owl and Thus Owls? Yikes! D bands Doldrums, Doomsquad and Dralms caused some confusion for me. There you have it. My confession of how my mixed up brain works.

How about you? Are there band or artists names that get mixed up in your head?