It’s that time of year! Summer holidays are over and it’s time to head back to school. That is the theme of the playlist this week. Let me be your teacher and take you through the curriculum laid out in the playlist. You may call me Ms. Barss.

Tracks 1 to 5: Introduce songs about September and explore the feeling of missing friends.

Tracks 6 to 9:  We are ready to start at a private school or some house of lost words because it is a human right.

Tracks 10 to 15: It may seem like school is where the wild things are but it will be good to be back among friends, students and mentors.

Tracks 16 to 18: If we learn & burn or not we’ll find out. At least when I learned your name I knew we were making progress.

Tracks 19 to 21: We will discuss bookish things such as if holy books belong in the book club.

Track 22: LUNCH BREAK – Enjoy some Pop N Chips!

Track 23 to 24: Explore the hallways and make sure your locker has a lock and key of some sort.

Track 25 to 30: We are back at it with our paper and pencils.

Track 31 to 34: When you write your master’s thesis you won’t have someone there to write it all down for you so you will have to learn how to work out words and understand your lessons.

Track 35 to 41: We discuss our regular classes of science, math, history, geography and art.

Track 42 to 43: Is the time to daydream and figure out how you are gonna make it through the year.

It’s a pretty full curriculum we have but it should be a fun one! It seems Corb Lund has lots to contribute to it but there are a lot of other voices to be heard. Let’s get started!


Do you know a song that we should add to the curriculum…I mean playlist? Let me know!