It is officially autumn and we have a playlist for the season. Autumn is from Sept 22 to Dec 21 and hopefully will ease us into the next season gently. It may feel like summer where you are but where I live it has been a little cooler and the sweaters are coming out and the leaves are changing colours. The days are getting shorter and the geese are doing their practice flights. All signs that the season is changing from summer to fall and onto winter but let’s enjoy this season while we are in it.

I actually enjoy autumn. There is something about it that is just chill and relaxed. A lot of the songs in our playlist reflect that feeling very well. There are a few not so chill songs on there as well, maybe that was the dread of winter talking. For the majority of the playlist, I can imagine enjoying it with a blanket and a cup of tea or out walking with a sweater on and kicking up some leaves. Either would work I would think, or at least help you to imagine that is what you are doing. However you do listen to it, I hope you enjoy A Canadian Indie Autumn.



Do you have any Canadian Indie songs that aren’t on the playlist that make you think Autumn?