We are getting back into the flow of the Canadian Indie Stream of Consciousness this week. It began back on Sept 23, 2016 with 20 songs that I seeded it with. After five times of playing with it we are at 130 songs to start off our 6th edition of the playlist.

What we are doing is taking the words in a song title and finding a word in another song title from that. For example: I Will Not Be Struck…Your Fight Will Not Be Long…Why We FightWe Move Away…Knight Moves…Knights…Two Knights & Maidens…Dear Don, There Are Two Eight O’clocks In The Course of a Day…Anything You Want Dear…You Want It Darker.

The next word in a song title we would be looking for is You, It or Darker (or Dark). So where will the current take us from here?



You should take a listen to the playlist as it’s a fun one that has had input from many people.  Jump in wherever you would like, from the start or deeper in to it. Enjoy the ride.