I am pretty excited to share the news about the release of shy kids’ sophomore album, in a state, due out on Feb. 23rd with you. It is a visually and audibly fantastic album! I very much enjoyed the experience of this concept album and the journey it took me on and was excited to tell others about it. Two of the nine videos that make up the album are at the end of this post. Check them out. I love them and feel pretty certain that you will enjoy them as well.

This is what their publicist sent about shy kids and their album, in a state.

in a state is a full audio/visual experience, created by these musician/film makers, who released their debut album, Lofty! in 2015. Their animation and filmmaking has gained them notoriety, creating viral & music videos, short films, marketing campaigns, working with Alvvays, VICE, MTV, Garfunkle and Oates, Shania Twain, Spotify, Snapchat, Netflix to name just a few. Their 2013 short film ‘Noah’ won “Best Short Film” at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015, garnering tremendous praise from outlets such as The New Yorker, VICE, Mashable, Gawker and, Hollywood Reporter while amassing over 10 million views.

The opportunity to create visually afforded shy kids the opportunity to travel to the U.S. where they tried desperately to make it in the land of opportunity. Rapidly feeling their boyhood dreams were shifting into vaudeville nightmares, they began writing songs about the states they were at, both physically and mentally. These songs came together form in a state. Attempting to capture the spirit of the places they were in, the record is big, brash, and loud. They teamed up with an orchestra to bring their anthemic visions to life, launching the band’s sound out of their bedrooms and into the stratosphere. Think Beach Boys meets The Flaming Lips.

Our dreams are visual though, as well as sonic, and so shy kids created a fully realized album, both audio and visual, over the record’s nine tracks. Their version of DIY Lemonade. in a state is a colourful journey through the landscapes of America and their collective minds.

What do you think? Did you enjoy those videos? Are you looking forward to seeing and hearing the rest of it? I think you should be.