It’s triple playlist week here in OurBasement. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it brings up all kinds of emotions for people. There are some who want all the love and hearts and sappiness of the day, so I have a Love from the Heart playlist for them. Others have their minds on sexy times with a lover, so there is a Lustful Love playlist for them. And some want nothing to do with the day, maybe because of commercialism but maybe from pain and heartbreak, so I made a Love Hurts playlist for them. Listen to the one you want to or you can listen to them all, you choose. What’s in your heart?

I had some trouble deciding which playlist a song should go in at times. Some songs it was just the vibe that landed them on a playlist. Mostly with the Lustful Love playlist. Others I wondered is that love from the heart or just pain I hear? Is that song about loving someone or do they just want to “make love” to someone? You be the judge and then let me know if you think a song belongs on another playlist. Emotions can get so confusing. I hope you find some music to suit your mood whatever that may be. Happy Valentine’s Day! …or not.



Does anybody want to share a playlist with us next week? I would love it if you did.