CBC’s Searchlight has begun and the voting is on!  We had a post about it on Wednesday that you can read about here. With 2073 artists that have a song entered in the contest, it is going to take a lot of listening to get through them. I have started listening and made a playlist of the artists that I threw a vote to that I found on Spotify. I didn’t always find the same song that was entered in the contest but it can help you check out the artist. You can vote for as many artists you want once a day and I will be using the playlist to help me search for the artists again on the CBC site to give them more votes.

I began the playlist with some Saskatchewan talent I think you should give a listen and give them a vote. I found a few other artists as well that I knew about or caught my ear as I was listening to the entries. The playlist is on collaborative so that if you know of an artist you would like us to know about you can add them to the playlist. Help me out and let me know who I should vote for! If you follow the playlist you can keep track of any changes to the playlist and use it to help you find artists to vote for as well. Or you could just simply listen to the playlist to see who is trying to get heard and possibly win the whole thing.

Some of the artists that I voted for at least once but didn’t find on Spotify are:

Picture Radio
Jim Audet
Slug the Bird
Denny Von-Braun
Weird Knocks
Lila Starlight
Game Boy
Matt Bolhuis
Stereo Arcadia